5 Forex News Releases You Should Be Aware Of

If you want to learn about the global economy, economic news is an important part of your financial strategy. The news about economic indicators is not just limited to the stock market, but also includes such things as the Purchasing Managers’ Index, Housing Starts, and the Capacity Utilization Rate. In […]

How to Trade Crypto-Pairs

When you think about cryptocurrencies, you might think of a stock portfolio or a traditional investment vehicle. However, there are several differences between cryptos and stock portfolios. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is decentralized and has no central authority. Unlike stock or bond investments, it is decentralized and does […]

How Economic News Affects Forex News

A recent study investigated the impact of economic news on the U.S. dollar against the euro. In addition to the usual macroeconomic news, this research also examined the coverage of inflation and unemployment rates. The study covered two major recessions, two severe bursts of inflation, and three presidential elections. Many […]

Understanding FOREX Exchange Rates

The exchange rate of one currency for another is known as the FOREX. The official exchange rate is different from the autonomous FX market. It determines how much one currency is worth in terms of another. The official exchange rate is determined by the open market demand. A conversion factor […]

What Is Cryptocurrency and Why Should You Trade Crypto-Pairs?

If you’ve been curious about cryptocurrency, then you may have already heard of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. But what exactly is crypto, and what are its benefits and drawbacks? There are several things to consider before you make a purchase. First, you should understand that cryptocurrencies are not like traditional […]

Five Economic News Releases That Are Important For Forex Traders

While the number of economic news releases can be incredibly high, these five economic news releases are good starting points. These reports are usually released on the first Friday of the month, and they provide important information for currency traders. The nonfarm payrolls (NFP) report from the U.S. Bureau of […]

FOREX Exchange Rates

One major factor that affects FOREX exchange rates is the activity of multi-billion dollar companies. Many of these companies have many locations and offer goods and services in a variety of currencies. Because these exchanges are so large, they can cause dramatic changes in the exchange rate. For example, when […]

Is It Safe to Trade Crypto-Pairs For Cash?

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency. Unlike fiat currencies, it is not backed by a government or financial institution. As such, it is not subject to centralization. In addition, it cannot be printed in excessive quantities. Nevertheless, there are risks and drawbacks. While it is possible to trade these coins […]

How Economic News Affects Forex Trading

When it comes to economic news, the impact is often greater on risk-on trading than risk-off trading. This news can include fluctuations in stock market returns and volatility. It can also affect national and continental markets. In addition, political and social tensions can affect the price of commodities. These can […]