How to Keep Up With the Latest Economic News

economic news

Whether you like to read newspapers, watch TV news shows, or listen to the radio, economic news is something that you should keep tabs on. From the government shutdown in Washington, DC to the slowdown of China’s economy, you can get an update on the latest news from the world’s top markets.

China’s shrinking economy

During the past year, China’s economy has shrank by more than a quarter. This has been the largest slowdown in the country’s history. It has lowered China’s status in the world. It has also caused widespread unemployment. The government has tried to stabilize the country’s economy by reopening factories. But many factories have shut down, which is causing China’s economy to slow.

Many analysts believe that China’s problems are temporary. But the country’s shrinking economy is affecting its trade partners. It has made China less attractive as a manufacturing destination. It has also depressed demand for imported goods.

Global semiconductor revenue projected to decline 3.6 per cent in 2023

Despite a recent surge in global semiconductor sales, experts are warning that the technology industry is set for a slowdown next year. Global semiconductor revenue is forecasted to fall 3.6 per cent in 2023, according to research firm Gartner. That is down from the 2.5 per cent drop in the previous year, according to the firm.

The semiconductor industry is divided into two sectors: consumer and enterprise. The former is generally more robust. It has a well-defined set of consumer electronics, from TVs to smartphones, while the latter includes the enterprise market. While enterprise-driven markets have enjoyed relative strength over the past several years, they are set to experience a miniscule increase in semiconductor demand.

Europe should be able to cope with the natural gas supply crunch

Despite the political wrangling, Europe should be able to cope with the natural gas supply crunch. But first, it must do more than talk. It needs to devise an interim solution to get the gas to its biggest gas guzzler, Germany.

This week, European Council President Charles Michel said EU leaders would discuss options to limit energy prices. The commission has proposed tweaking energy market rules and setting up an alternative liquefied natural gas (LNG) benchmark price. However, neither proposal includes an immediate gas price cap.

The Dutch Title Transfer Facility (TTF) is the European benchmark price for gas trading. The price has risen by more than 450% since early January.

Sweden’s energy situation will be worse next winter

Despite a recent surge in renewable energy production, the country is facing a worsening energy crisis. Last winter was a record stretch of resourcefulness and this year’s forecasts are not a lot better.

One of the biggest controversies is whether Sweden will actually produce enough renewable electricity to meet its needs. In a nutshell, the Swedish Energy Agency has calculated that the country needs 2.6 gigawatts of new power generation capacity by 2040, if it wants to achieve its goals of phasing out fossil fuels and moving towards 100 per cent renewable energy by 2040.

New Zealand’s central bank hiked interest rates

Earlier this week, the Reserve Bank of New Zealand raised interest rates by the largest amount in its history. Its benchmark rate rose by three-quarters of a percentage point, to a near 14-year high.

New Zealand’s inflation rate was above economists’ expectations, reaching 7.2% in the third quarter of the year. But it was not enough to push the economy into recession. The bank forecasts the country will enter a “shallow recession” in 2023.

In the next few months, the Reserve Bank will continue tightening monetary conditions. The bank’s governor Adrian Orr said it was a “reasonable step” to tighten further to control high inflation.

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