Economic News Sources

Is economic news important to your financial well being? Economic news can provide a wealth of information on local, national and global economies. The economic news from around the world is an interesting phenomenon. It can provide the necessary tools for you to make informed decisions about your economic life.

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Seasonally Adjusted Economic News. This book explains the real story of how the daily news media can assist the less inattentive members of our society to become more knowledgeable and better economically educated citizens. Authors Robert Kiyosaki and Luigi Galetti present their decades of research on global economics, and the implications of today’s media trends. The book explains the impact that weather, natural disasters, inflation, deflation and other factors can have on the market, and how these changes can affect individual behavior and the overall economy.

Economic News Review. This report from the Government Printing Office gives an overview of economic news from the past few years. It includes data on economic growth, employment and unemployment rates, inflation and other economic indicators. This is an excellent book to read with your economic calculator at hand. Economic News: A Guide to Economic News and Data, 2nd Edition provides data and advice on what are the current trends and where do they lead.

Economic Outlook. This monthly report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics provides the most recent estimates for economic growth, unemployment and inflation. Economic Outlook covers all of the critical economic indicators and is a great source of information for stock traders, business managers and consumers. The EO has the balance of economic news and guides with recommendations for investing, savings and other aspects of individual financial management.

Consumer Confidence. As economic conditions change so do consumer confidence. Consumer Confidence Index (OCI) is a statistical measure of consumer sentiment toward particular economic issues, including the stock market, the job market, interest rates and other economic indicators. Economic news can affect consumer confidence and as such, the index reflects changes in consumer attitudes towards economic news.

Economic Indicators. There are a number of economic indicators published each month that can provide valuable information about economic conditions throughout the nation. These reports include Consumer Price Index (CPI), Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), Economic News, Survey of Consumer Sentiment and Producer Price Index (PPI). Using these indicators can allow you to monitor changes in economic conditions across the country.

Economic News. Economic news and data can be released by local, state and federal governments. These reports provide analysts, researchers and other interested parties with information on economic news that may affect different areas of the economy. They also serve to inform the public about what is going on with the national economy.

Economic News and Data. Many newspapers, television and radio stations also publish economic news and data. They publish reports and research on economic indicators, economic outlooks, unemployment rates and other economic data that are deemed important and reliable. By reading these media sources, you can gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world of economics and gain additional insight into various economic conditions across the country.

Surveys. The release of quarterly surveys, which are based on a survey sample, is another source through which you can gain information about economic conditions across the nation. When surveys are made available, they allow individuals to learn what the general state of the economy is, as well as gain an understanding of the current trends and developments. This knowledge can help consumers plan for future economic conditions and can even be used to predict the effects that future economic news and data will have on various areas and sectors of the economy.

Press Releases. In some cases, economic news and reports are released by government agencies such as the Federal Reserve, other state and local governments or even other companies or organizations within the business community. When economic news is released by these sources, it is often given in the context of predictions and projections for the upcoming year. For example, the release of a study by the Federal Reserve on December 29th could indicate that the economy will experience strong growth over the next few months, but if it were released prior to the beginning of the New Year, many people may view it as another surprise, especially if they had already planned for a slow start to the year.

Business News. Most businesses also publish economic news, aside from their own newsroom. Some businesses also cater to economic news outlets, as they want to inform their customers and clients about the current state of the economy and about their company’s performance in it. These businesses may also choose to publish both negative and positive economic news outlets to address their audiences.

There are many economic news outlets all over the Internet. It is important that you choose the outlet that best fits your needs, interests and your definition of economic news. Choose sites that provide up-to-date and unbiased news, whether it is about the state of the economy, consumer spending, the business market or other hot topics. By staying abreast of the most important economic news, you will not only keep yourself up-to-date on events that may affect you and your business, but you will also be able to understand how the economy affects your life.