garage sale 202x300 - THE BEST AND WORST THINGS TO BUY AT GARAGE SALESYou can get great bargains at garage sales if you know what to look for. You should buy items at garage sales that are durable and useful. With garage sales, you can save a lot of money by buying used items in great condition. Just remember to avoid buying things that are simply not worth it and that you don’t really need.

Best Things to Purchase.

  • Kitchen tools. Some people buy pricy kitchen tools to only use a couple of times. If you find any of these kitchen tools, be sure to grab them at a fraction of the cost. Even if you see old kitchen tools, check their condition since metal ones last a lifetime. Older kitchen tools were just built to last more.
  • Furniture. You can find chairs, dinner tables, and couches at garage sales, but consider the moving costs. It’s advised to wait until almost the end of the garage sale to get furniture items at very low prices. Most garage sellers simply want to get rid of big furniture to make room for other things.
  • Workout equipment. Most people overlook workout gear at garage sales, but it’s a great way to save.  You can get workout bikes and treadmills in great condition since many people buy them, but use them very little. Just make sure to test workout equipment before buying.
  • CDs, DVDs, and books. You can easily build up your own entertainment library by shopping at garage sales. There is simply no need for you to pay full price for CDs, DVDs, and books with garage sales.

Worst Things to Purchase

  • Child safety seats. You shouldn’t risk your kids’ safety in case of a car accident with a used child car seat. Car safety seats even have expiration dates that you should always check. Get a new child safety seat for extra security instead.
  • Beds. Bed bugs infestation is a real problem with today’s mattresses including other critters like mites and bacteria that might live on them. Avoid possible health issues by buying new beds over used ones.
  • Headgear. You shouldn’t buy protective helmets, because you might not detect damage from tiny fractures. Damaged protective helmets simply won’t provide the required protection. If you get headgear like hats, make sure to watch them in hot water before using.
  • Bathing suits. Skip any undergarments or swim suits at garage sales. Don’t risk your personal hygiene with these items.
  • Footwear. Used footwear gets moulded to fit previous owners’ feet with usage. With a different mould, you might have a hard time getting used footwear to fit you correctly. Skip any health or pain issues by buying new shoes.

If you like to shop at garage sales as a hobby or to save money, avoid buying things that would cost you more in the end. However, there are many garage sale items to buy that offer substantial savings. Always check items before buying for quality over value for some great deals at garage sales.

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