generic cereal 300x188 - GENERIC PRODUCTS YOU SHOULD BUY (AND A FEW TO AVOID)Consumers tend to buy products based on the brand name, often thinking that generic products are inferior in quality. However, some generic products offer the same quality of brand name at a fraction of the cost. You could save a lot of money by buying the right generic product without losing any value.

Generic Products to Buy

Some generic products are simply too good not to buy. Consider the following products for substantial savings over brand name items:

1. Cereals. Generic cereals offer great savings over brand names with over 50% in savings. Generic cereals even offer bigger packages at a fraction of the brand name cost. In addition, generic brands offer the same taste and look of their more expensive counterparts. There is simply no reason for you not to buy a generic cereal, unless your favorite brand name cereal doesn’t have a generic version.

2. Water. You should re-consider buying bottled water since it’s available at minimal costs via your homes’ water faucets. There is simply no reason for you to spend money for a product that is already paid for. If you are concerned about the quality or taste of your home’s water, purchase a water filter to save hundreds of dollars per year over bottled water expenses

3. Gas. Gas from non-brand gas stations offer the same fuel found elsewhere, but at a reduced cost. You can save an average of 20 cents a gallon by filling up your tank at non-brand fuel pumps without losing any gas quality.

4. Milk. Expert tasters might be able to tell the difference between store-brand and brand name milk, but could you? With similar tastes at a discount, consider buying store-brand milk for added savings.

5. Electronic accessories. Electronic accessories vary greatly in prices, but most work the same regardless of the brand. The issue starts when people follow what salespeople advice them to buy. For example, salespeople love to advice consumers with expensive HDTVs to buy the priciest HDMI cables, claiming better quality. However, why spend $100 on an HDMI cable, when an HDMI cable that costs little over $10 is more than enough? The same holds true for other types of electronic accessories. You should follow the specifications of electronic equipment, buying what you need without spending a fortune.

6. Household cleaners. Most cleaning products are simply pricy substitutes for things already available at homes. You only need to search online a bit for information on many DIY home-cleaning products. If you do some research online, you’ll be able to save even more over brand name household cleaners by making your own. If you don’t want to make your own detergents, consider buying generic versions. After all, do you really need to buy an expensive brand name cleaner with the same ingredients as a generic?

Generic Products to Avoid

Some generic products are simply not worth the savings. Consider buying brand name items instead.

1. Toothpaste. Dentists usually recommend brand name toothpaste, which provide better and longer protection to your denture. Brand name toothpaste has more effective ingredients than generic versions, providing a better value.

2. Paint. It’s just a bad idea to buy generic paint since you’ll require more coats to get the same look as a brand name version. As such, generic paints are generally watered down, which makes their texture much thinner. Save yourself some time and money with brand name paint for a richer and brighter look.

3. MP3 players. Generic MP3 players can easily break down or not work as intended. These MP3 players are usually placed in bargain bins because of very low sales.

4. Kitchen knives. Avoid buying generic kitchen knives that are made with cheap materials. Generic knives just become dull fast and can easily break, making you look for replacements shortly after buying them.

Hundreds of generic products are available similar to their brand named counterparts in both quality and value. The key here is for you to think about whether you are buying a product for how it works or just because of its name. Check your monthly budget for generic alternatives to start saving hundreds of dollars per year by buying generic over brand name items.

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