10 Things to do While Unemployed

by Sam Burgoon on September 21, 2012

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Being out of work in this post-recession era with high unemployment rates poses a challenge to millions of job seekers. However, you can improve your chances of getting a job through several activities like learning new skills, networking, or doing volunteer work. Read about ten things that you can do while unemployed to market yourself better to potential employers.

Take Courses

People with careers can always learn something new to maintain their competitive edge. You can take courses on your related field to improve your chances of getting a job with a new degree.

Acquire New Skills

Become more marketable to hiring managers by acquiring new skills on your career or field of interest. You can take social media or programming seminars to keep up with current technology. If you don’t like seminars, read books related to your career to increase your knowledge.

Make a New Resume

Make a resume with newly learned skills or courses taken. Be specific about results obtained and tasks achieved. Include any documentation about recent job experiences in your resume. Proofread your resume to avoid grammatical mistakes and typos.

Get a Part-Time Job

Make ends meet by getting a part time job to assist with your bills. Consider job options based on your unique personal profile. If you are good at something, like math, consider becoming a tutor. Getting extra income while searching for a job can definitely reduce financial needs.

Start a Business

If you have some money and time, consider starting your own business. Market a personal craft or product to make money while searching for a new job. Who knows? You might even turn a hobby into a million-dollar business.

Update your Social Network Profiles

Check out your social network profiles to contact friends or groups that may help you get a job. You should also clean up any unprofessional updates or pictures on your profiles. If you still doubt how a profile looks, consider making it private.

Engage in Extensive Networking

Reach out to contacts on your professional networks. Set your status as searching for jobs in order to get leads. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, get one to join millions of professionals in your field or expertise. Connect with others that may help you find a job.

Set Up a Blog

Making a professional blog is considered a great way to offer your services to job recruiters. Check out free blog making sites like Blogger to position yourself as an expert in your career for the online audience.

Do Volunteer Work

Employers look for people with integrity and character. You can simply demonstrate your willingness to help others without monetary gains with volunteer work.

Stay Confident

Unemployment is tough on finances and personal life. Keep positive and continue your job-hunting process. You will get a job eventually if you don’t give up.

Make the most out your time while unemployed to further your career. In addition, use tools like online networks to connect with friends, groups, and other contacts to offer your services to a wider audience. Your hard work and effort will be repaid down the line!

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Sam Burgoon is a social media marketing executive for several personal finance websites. He has a degree in business administration and marketing and has previously worked for companies like Bank of America and Oracle.